Featured clan mate

This is our featured clan mate:


- Total hours: 81 days 7 hours
- Win/Loss Ratio: 0.92
- Total Kills: 22,279
- Total Orbs Dropped: 2,686
- Grimoire Score: 4745

Favorite Class: Warlock now, used to be Titan. Mostly because the subclass abilities fit my play style better than the others 😎
Favorite Weapon: Tlaloc...Because I've always had an affinity for Scouts anyways, but the Tlaloc becomes Beast when your super is charged!!!
Favorite Piece of Armor: R.O.I armor Hands down! I've always liked the look of Medieval Knight Armor and with the fur...love it!
Biggest Accomplishment: Gonna have to say, going back to Yr. 1... The First time I used the Sword to kill Crota! Also one of my fondest memories in the game too 😆.

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