Dormant SIVA clusters guide

In this article, we want to reveal all 30 locations of the Dormant Siva Clusters. This will be a guide to finding them so that you can get those exotics and achievements! We hope this will be a great source for you as you adventure through the universe!Dormant Siva Clusters look like small red lights on the ground when found. They are used similarly as the calcified fragments in the Taken King expansion. They not only offer lore for the story, but they also unlock missions and achievements. They are needed for exotic quests as well. They are a pretty important aspect of the game, especially is if you want your Gjallarhorn. In this guide, we will show pictures alongside a written description of where these clusters can be found. We also hope you have fun uncovering the secrets of Rise of Iron with this guide!(When it says a Splicer Relay is needed, these are acquired through killing yellow bar Hive throughout the Plaguelands patrol; Broodmother’s more specifically.)

You can find the pictures and description here: Click me!

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