About the Platinum Regime Clan

About the Platinum Regime Clan

Playstation 4 clan

We play to have fun. In all areas of Destiny whether it's in a raid, strike or social space.

We are a mix of the top tier to average everyday player. No matter what your light level or experience is, you're always welcome! 

We are always looking for new guardians to join the clan, of all experiences from all parts of the globe. To remain in our roster you must be active in the game and chat. 

Our members must show maturity and respect to each other!

We use BAND app for communication 

We are a multinational clan and the admins/officers are always available to answer questions and to assist!

Come and join us!

Why did you join the clan? Guardians statements:


After "shopping"around for different clans, i joined Platinum Regime because I liked the feel of the atmosphere...small, but enough friendly and helpful Guardians so you dnt have to play solo!

SD_FANZ209 Warlock

I wanted to play with other people who are helpful, friendly and dont leave you behind in the game. After setting my inquiry on bungie I was contacted by a clan admin and yes, the first impression told me that this is it! After playing and chatting with you guys, I am 100% sure, that I joined the right clan! Thank you!

RBT-SK Titan

Was looking for a clan that was active and helpful and platinum regime is that clan. They are friendly,helpful,fun 24 hours a day and a good bunch from all over the world.


I was a total newbie to the clan 2 weeks ago. Didn't have a clue what it was about but everyone on here is really helpful and supportive. Im still learning and finding my way round. All the seasoned players on here like to help anyone no matter what experience or inexperience they have


I love this clan. Thanks for being a cool bunch of guys and gals. I used to play with stuck up a holes that made me quit destiny but you guys have made it fun again and that's not just the beers and tequila shots talking. Here's to d2 being as awesome as d1.




Party & Clan Chat:
• General banter is allowed but don't get personal in main group chat. Use private chat for private discussions; in case of any issue contact Clan leader/admin/officer.
• Be respectful and do not use abusive language.
• Don’t “un-charge” your bad mood onto other clan mates. Attacking others or giving stupid / aggressive answers will not be tolerated. If you have any personal problems with any clan mate, try to solve it in diplomatic way or contact an admin.
• Mobbing or disrespecting others for ANY reason will lead to purging from the clan.
• Respect the privacy of the clan members.

Joining Activities:
• You are not forced to play with clan mates, but do give preference to them; also we play this game for leisure, so degree of activeness or passiveness varies but inform others, if you are inactive for long time as no one likes life/activity less group.
• Rage quitting is not allowed also if you commit for any activity but unable to join due to real life issues then do inform, writing a short sentence would not take much time.
• Activities have 3 possible options: join, decline or maybe. Picking the JOIN option means that you will take part in that activity! If you can’t take part for whatever reason, write a short message to the clan mate that created the raid. Not in the main chat, because the message could be overlooked.
• Clan mates that don’t appear or don’t message the events team-leader will be removed from the clan if they commit this twice.
• Booting clan mates from an activity WITHOUT a real reason (abusive language, aggression, behavior ….) is not allowed and will not be tolerated.
• Splitting up existing groups or forcing “newbies” or weaker players to give their space away is not wanted.

Polls, Messages and Clan activities:
• Take part in the polls that are posted, check your Band account minimum 2 times a week.
• Don’t try to split away members of the clan to form your own clan or any other reason! No mixing up members!
• If you don’t want to help others, try to say this in a POLITE way!
• We hold together as a clan to help each other, if you want to do your own thing, you are in the wrong place!
• If you get important messages, don’t ignore them

Breaking or disregarding these rules will lead to banning!


Forming A Group

While we succeed as one group, it would be ridiculous to think groups would not form within our community. Groups within groups within groups within groups... that's what the gaming community is. We welcome's groups to form within our walls, but we would like to provide some guidelines to make sure things do not get out of hand.

Keep it clean and appropriate
Have fun with it

Logos are welcomed to be used in group videos
Keep the logos viewer friendly

Groups may not exceed 12 members unless you're new to the clan and bringing in a previously established group
Each group must nominate one "leader". This person will be responsible for ensuring groups do not violate clan rules or begin to shy away from helping the clan for favoritism of their group friends.
The "leader" must inform the admins of their group, name, and size.
Groups can form to provide services/advice to the clan (Ex: Raid coaching/Sherpa-ING or gathering clan mates due to different time zones etc)
Recruiting for your groups must be based on actual interactions. Sending new members invites to groups as soon as they enter the clan is not permitted.

The "leader" is responsible for helping to maintain a fun and friendly environment within their group.
It is "compulsory" that each group have one of the admins in their chatrooms if they choose to create their own Band page. (Admins do not participate in any of the chats, but rather serve as a referee should things get out of control.)
If a group is found to be violating clan rules, they will receive one warning to correct the issue before a disbanding request is made.

If a group is found to be violating clan rules and is presented a Disbandment Request, members of the group may discuss one of three options
1. Vote the remove the problem member (if there is an issue with one member)
2. Vote to dissolve the entire group as a whole
3. Dispute the claims with the admins and parties claiming to have witnessed the violations

Groups can be a very fun experience, especially if you play with people often and have a great bond with them. Start small with teams of 3, grow to a full group and be our champions of something. Be the team known for helping improve people's PvP skills, or the group who carry others in Trials, or even the group who makes the cool videos of random clan game play.